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It is still sinking in that I became a best-selling author on Amazon five days ago. The launch of my book, “Is Your Head On Straight?” went farther than I thought it would. A lot of firsts are happening in the life of your local Goldsboro chiropractor. That was the first book I have ever written, and this is the first blog I have ever written. I hope to keep my writings relevant to the readers and on point. As any good writer knows you can only write what you know about. Being I was able to write a book about a specialized chiropractic technique, called Atlas Orthogonal, I will be writing about that procedure and how it changed the lives of a number of people these past 17 years I’ve been using it.

Another topic I am passionate about it is running! Like the kind of run that takes one 26.2 miles to finish. Yet as I write that out everything is relative. Many readers may think running a marathon is huge and almost insurmountable, yet I know of runners who run 100 miles in one run. So, yes, running will be a topic I will share with the readers yet my true love is my profession of being a chiropractor, more specifically an Atlas Orthogonalist. As such my first case study will come right out of my book.

Patient Case Study in Goldsboro

It was a rainy night when fourteen-year-old Ricky took off on a helmetless bicycle ride that didn’t come out well. A car struck him from behind sending him above the car. He did come down on the roof of the car and crushed his skull. After two months in a coma, he came to, another two months and he was released from the hospital. It wasn’t until sixteen years later that I had the privilege to improve this gentleman’s life.

Upon being released from the hospital his parents noticed a phenomenon I look for and see daily, uneven leg lengths while lying face up. Ricky’s left leg had drawn up 3/4 of an inch. The body reaction is called a righting reflex. As his eyes dealt with their imbalance due to his head being off-center his body reacted to this by drawing up his left leg. When his parents questioned this they were informed he had a one-sided growth spurt.

I’ll quote from my book here. “He became my patient on May 11, 2011. An examination of Ricky revealed that he did in fact have an atlas misalignment. The only bone supporting Ricky’s head was jammed up top the left side of his skull, preventing his head from coming back into balance. Ricky did not have a one-sided growth spurt; his head was crooked and his body had adapted to that deviation. The difference in his leg length was an indication of his body’s innate intelligence, which was trying to level out his head… After his first adjustment, Ricky’s head became centered over his body for the first time in seventeen years. Now I was in a pickle. Was I to allow my patient to walk out of my clinic with an unnecessary three-quarter-inch shoe lift, or have him walk out in his sockets? I chose the latter and have that pair of shoes as a keepsake.” “Is Your Head On Straight?” p.91


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